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01/30/2017 / By Don Wrightman

After receiving many detailed death threats and having suspicious packages containing white substances mailed to her home, Kellyanne Conway is

01/27/2017 / By JD Heyes

It was more than just another campaign pledge made by then-GOP candidate Donald J. Trump. It was a serious thing

01/26/2017 / By JD Heyes

Agents with the Secret Service who are assigned to protect our presidents take a solemn oath to protect and defend

01/20/2017 / By JD Heyes
Fake News

Following the presidential election in November, the freaked-out ‘mainstream media’ invented a narrative that scores of alternative news sites published

01/20/2017 / By Mary Wilder

There have been quiet rumblings of the potential of an assassination attempt on President Donald Trump since he started picking

10/19/2016 / By Mary Wilder

One of the most frustrating political arguments for libertarians and conservatives is that of the Second Amendment. To any logical

09/09/2016 / By Martin Mavis

Trey Gowdy dismantles democrat congressmen on the second amendment:

08/25/2016 / By Kurt Nimmo

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told her followers in Cleveland on Wednesday if elected she will not repeal the Second

08/15/2016 / By Kurt Nimmo

Former news anchorman Dan Rather believes Donald Trump wants Hillary Clinton dead. Earlier this week Rather took to Facebook and